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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mac Tune up (Repack) +Snow leopard Version updater

Mac Tune up (Repack) +Snow leopard Version updater

Improve your system performance using MacTuneUp to easily maintain and secure your activity. Quickly diagnose and repair problems before they occur, securely remove unwanted junk and personal files to recover lost space, increase the speed of your Internet network connections, and create bootable backups or disk images to quickly bring your Mac back to its original state.

Create bootable backups

Create a bootable backup of your hard disk that can be used to create disk clones, move your running operating system from one disk to another (for example, when replacing a hard disk), or to backup system folders individually. You can also create a disk image of a system volume that can be recovered using Apple Software Restore (ASR).

Internet Booster

Accelerate your Internet network connection with a few simple clicks to Boost the performance of your email, FTP, Internet browsing, chats, and other online activity.

Mac Maintenance
Your Mac is a computer powerhouse. Keep it running like new with an easy Maintenance Pilot that runs periodic tasks, repairs permissions and optimizes your system.

Enhanced Firewall

Add an extra layer of Protection to your Mac by configuring your Mac firewall or adding a custom firewall with your own set of rules to keep harmful files off your system. Great tool to have in your Hackintosh!!!!

Link is Available in my Forum under "Utilities" Section.

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