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Saturday, January 2, 2010

My own hackintosh!

I have build a several hackintosh PC and the process can be quite challenger. The first step to build up your own hackintosh is find a compatible PC and a bootlaoder program that works with it. Once you have decide which bootloader program is compatible with your system, you can take the next step, which is, start installing Mac OS into a PC. Intel Processors are more compatible and less complicate than AMD processors.

I used "Rebel EFI" Bootloader to install Snow Leopard OS on my computers and the whole process went pretty easy. In fact, the installation was the easy part. The difficult part of installing Mac OS into a PC is the comparability or support of Kext/driver. Once you have installed The OS into your Hackintosh your next step is to find kexts/drivers compatible with your hardware. some system hardware works right out the box, some don't, and there is where you have to spend time looking for support. You most be aware that not every PC feature is support by Mac OS.

is worth it? In my opinion it is.

My Computers runs on dual Boots (Snow Leopard OS and Windows 7) and it's pretty cool to switch from one system to the other.

For some of us the experience of having a "Hackintosh" can be a little frustrated since we have to spend a lot of time searching for compatible kexts/drivers. all that experience depends on the Machine you are trying to install the OS. The older your PC the hard it is. Snow leopard OS can be install Only on Intel Processors (AMD processors need a Patch to install it).

Installation can be a "Pain in the neck" sometimes, so you need to have patience. After all you're dealing with a machine.