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Hardware Compatibility List with MacOS

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From Rebel EFI Wiki

Here you will be able to find information regarding your hardware. If your device/computer is not listed it doesn't mean it wont load. You may download it here "Rebel EFI" and give it a shot.


Compatibility Legend

SupportedNot Supported

AMD® Processors

All AMD Processors are NOT supported.

Intel® Processor Families

Intel® Atom™ Processor Family

Intel® Pentium® Desktop Processor Family

Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop Processor Family

Intel® Core™2 Quad Desktop Processor Family

Intel® Core™2 Extreme Desktop Processor Family

Intel® Core™ i7 Desktop Processor Family

Intel® Xeon® Processor Family

Intel® Atom™

Processor #

CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility
Z5502 GHz533 MHzMicro-FCBGA
Z5401.86 GHz533 MHzMicro-FCBGA
Z5301.60 GHz533 MHzMicro-FCBGA
Z5201.33 GHz533 MHzMicro-FCBGA
Z5151.20 GHz400 MHzMicro-FCBGA
Z5101.10 GHz400 MHzMicro-FCBGA
Z500800MHz GHz400 MHzMicro-FCBGA
3301.60 GHz533 MHzMicro-FCBGA
N2801.66 GHz667 MHzMicro-FCBGA
N2701.60 GHz533 MHzMicro-FCBGA
2301.60 GHz533 MHzMicro-FCBGA

Intel® Pentium®

Processor #CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility
E65002.93 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E63002.80 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E54002.70 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E53002.60 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E52002.50 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E22202.40 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E22002.20 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E22102.20 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E21802 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E21601.80 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E21601.80 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E21601.80 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E21401.60 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E21401.60 GHz800 MHzLGA775

Intel® Core™2 Duo

Processor #CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility
E86003.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E85003.16 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E84003 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E83002.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E82002.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E81902.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E76003.06 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E75002.93 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E74002.80 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E73002.66 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E72002.53 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E68503 GHz1333 MHzLGA775

2.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E67002.66 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E66002.40 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E65502.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E65402.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E64202.13 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E64002.13 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E63201.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E63001.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E47002.60 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E46002.40 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E45002.20 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E44002 GHz800 MHzLGA775
E43001.80 GHz800 MHzLGA775

Intel® Core™2 Quad

Processor #CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility
Q96503 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q9550S2.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q95502.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q9505S2.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q95052.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q94502.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q9400S2.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q94002.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q93002.50 GHz

1333 MHzLGA775
Q8400S2.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q84002.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q83002.50 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q8200S2.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q82002.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
Q67002.66 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
Q66002.40 GHz1066 MHzLGA775

Intel® Core™2 Extreme

Processor #CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility

QX97753.20 GHz1600 MHzLGA771
QX97703.20 GHz1600 MHzLGA775
QX96503 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
QX68503 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
QX68002.93 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
QX67002.93 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
X68002.66 GHz1066 MHzLGA775

Intel® Core™ i7

Processor #CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility

3.20 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
I7-9503.06 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
I7-9402.93 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
I7-9202.66 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366

Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme

Processor #CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility
I7-9753.33 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366
I7-9653.20 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366

Intel® Xeon®

Processor #CPU SpeedBus SpeedPackageCompatibility
X55702.93 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366
X55602.80 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366
X55502.66 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366
W55803.20 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366
W35803.33 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366
W35703.20 GHz6.4 GT/sLGA1366
W35503.06 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
W35402.93 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
W35202.66 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
L55202.26 GHz5.86 GT/sLGA1366
L55062.13 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
E55402.53 GHz5.86 GT/sLGA1366
E55302.40 GHz5.86 GT/sLGA1366
E55202.26 GHz5.86 GT/sLGA1366
E55062.13 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
E55042 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
E55021.86 GHz4.8 GT/sLGA1366
X33803.16 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
X33703 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
L33602.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
X33602.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
X33502.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
X33302.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
X33202.50 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
X32302.66 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
X32202.40 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
X32102.13 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
E31203.16 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
L31103 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
E31103 GHz1333 MHzLGA775
30702.66 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
30602.40 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
30502.13 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
30401.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA775
X54823.20 GHz1600 MHzLGA771
X54723 GHz1600 MHzLGA771
E54723 GHz1600 MHzLGA771
E54622.80 GHz1600 MHzLGA771
X54603.16 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
X54503 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E54503 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E54402.83 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E54302.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L54202.50 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E54202.50 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L54102.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E54102.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L54082.13 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
E54052 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
X53653 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
X53552.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E53452.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E53352 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L53352 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L53201.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
E53201.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
E53101.60 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
L53101.60 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
X52723.40 GHz1600 MHzLGA771
X52703.50 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
X52603.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L52483 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E52403 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L52403 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L52382.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
E52202.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
L52151.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
E52051.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
51603 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
51502.66 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
51482.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
51402.33 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
51382.13 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
51302 GHz1333 MHzLGA771
51281.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
51201.86 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
51101.60 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
50803.73 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
50703.46 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
50633.20 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
50603.20 GHz1066 MHzLGA771
50503 GHz667 MHzLGA771
50402.83 GHz667 MHzLGA771
50302.66 GHz667 MHzLGA771