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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Running Cydia on the ipad

After your ipad is hacked and ready for applications, click on Cydia icon and start installing them.

Cydia hasn’t been updated for the iPad larger screen yet, except for the home screen which contains some advices from Saurik about which apps work, and which don’t. SBSettings works, it’s themable but it doesn’t exactly support landscape mode. The iPad resprings and reboots just fine with it, and toggles work as well. Veency is compatible, and you can check out the screenshot below. It’s also pretty fast. I heard on Twitter that OpenSSH should be working fine too, so I guess you can install it and start browsing your iPad’s file system.

it with all the well known apps that work.

Even if it’s still buggy and far from perfection, Spirit for iPad works and so does Cydia. Multitasking is now possible.


- Backgrounder (latest beta from Ryan Petrich adds a statusbar icon to see if an app is running in the background)

- Clock Hide

- Activator

- Veency

- CyDelete

- OpenSSH

- SBSettings

- Rock app

- iSteamy

- Snes4iPhone

- vlc4iphone

Not working:

- ProSwitcher

- Kirikae

- Circuitous

- iBluenova

- Winterboard

- Lockinfo

- mQuickDo

Enjoy your jailbroken iPad!

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