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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nvidia Geforce GT 320m ce qi fixed

UPDATE: Since many people are having no results fixing the ce qi issue just with the ATI ATY_init.kext alone, I've decided to upload the following files, which indeed enable ce qi. Also I'm posting step by step "How to install Snow Leopard OS using Empire EFI". Myself and others had tried to using other bootloaders but the results are quite different.(Thank you to Zipforce, NewYorker, angel, Julian and others for their help)

First download both folders and replace everyone of them. I have attached every file so that your ce qi can be fix. Follow the instructions by the book.

Here is the Tutorial that I posted on Hackintosh: (If you want to install Mac OS)

"How to install Snow Leopard OS on i7"

Now here is a little tricky, so bear with me.

I did not install Chameleon bootloader (I'm loading it direct from the Empire EFI Disc) after the installation because I got KP after rebooting and I wanted to load the system without using any Flags, neither the "Extra Folder" but is up to you, your choice.

First thing you need to do after installing Snow Leopard OS, is to upgrade from 10.6.0 to 10.6.3 (Do not install any kext until after the upgrade), So I downloaded it from apple's web site (The combo one) and I storage on a portable hard that way I didn't have to wait too long. After the system finished upgrading reboot it. then install/replace the following files to get ce qi working. (I extracted them from MBP update)

The MBP (2010) updated released by apple only update some files of the whole OS that works with Intel i7 Processor. In some folders only the version (Kext) is updated in that released update, in others the whole folder. But the hard part is to update your system with those file, so that your hardware can work. That's why it has to be done Manually.

These files/kexst are working fine on NVidia GeForce GT 320m/330m, we tested in different laptops using Intel i7 Processor.


after finish replacing those files, clean kext cache, and repair permission and reboot. (See the programs in the end of the page)

Next, Install "ATI ATY_init.kext" modify (remember to use Kexthelper or other program to install it) and repair permissions and reboot.


Library/LaunchAgents,PreferencePanes (HDMI audio output settings)

Sound work Perfect with VoodooHDA-0.2.61. (0.2.2 works horrible) I've attached it into S/L/Extensions folder just to be install.

after that you're all set.

New Video showing how well the NVidia GeForce GT 320m works on Snow Leopard OS Connected to a HD TV via HDMI port.

If you're having trouble running ce qi on Nvidia Geforce 320m and 330m, I had a modify "ATI ATY_init.kext" that fix that issue. So "Front Row"and "Dashboard" works Flawlessly! I've tested the modify kext on both Nvidia Graphic Cards and everything Works great.

Take a look at the video below that shows ce qi working great on a HP DV7t Laptop with Intel i7 Processor and Nvidia GeForce GT 320m Graphic Card.

ATI ATY_init.kext

Only if you need them (Version released with the MacBook Pro Updated) Replace them manually (System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/ Make sure you replace all files), clean kext cache and repair permissions.

The HP Pavilion DV7t (with Intel i7 processor) integrated remote control that comes with the system Works with "Front Row".

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Note: before you install the kext make sure to "REMOVE" any NVidia driver that you had installed before. after installing ATI ATY_init.kext, Clean kext cache, Repair Permissions and Reboot.

You can use "KextHelperb7.pkg.zip" to install the kext and to clean kext cache, you can use "KextUtility".

If you have any problem don't hesitate to ask!


kizwan said...

Good job! Exactly what I'm looking for. :)

Zipforce said...

Thank you!

Daniel said...

Hi there Zipforce!

I have a Sony VAIO VPCF115FM that has an nVidia GT 330M.

I noticed in my S/L/E folder that I do not have an ATY_Inet.kext. I copied yours in anyway, then ran Kext Utility, then rebooted. No change for me. Is there something else I need to do?

I have SL 10.6.3 installed, have applied 10.6.3 Combo Update v1.1, plus I have installed the MacBook Pro v3.1 update.

Any help would be great, Thank you!

bragging rights said...

First Install ATI ATY_init.kext using KextHelper, Then Clean kext cache, Repair Permissions. If you had installed any NVInject kext remove it before installing it. If that doesn't work, remove ATI ATY_init.kext and repair permissions. after that replace The "Frameworks" files, one by one and repair permissions. after rebooting Install ATI ATY_init.kext again...clean kext cache, repair permissions and reboot...ce qi should work after that.

what bootloader are you using?

bragging rights said...

for some reason the changes have to be done before installing ATI ATY_init.kext otherwise you'll get Kernel Panic.

Zipforce said...

I fixed my Laptop's ce qi following those steps. It really Works.!

Thank again extraspeed.

Daniel said...

Thank you for your help!

I am trying, but it is not working for me. What "2 changes" did you make?

Maybe because yours is HP and mine is Sony the fix will not work for me?

bragging rights said...

We tried it on a different models all running i7 processor, including VAIO's laptop. what bootloader are you using? some bootloaders have a pre-install setting that might have install a graphic kext into your system. for our tested we used "Empire EFI legacy" for i5/i7 on each machine and the results were very similar.

R.dh3 said...

hey buddy..
i have problem with my grafic
GeForce 310M 512MB..on Asus K40IE,

whether these tips could be used on my laptop!?

bragging rights said...

We used these changes on Laptops using Intel i7-720QM processor and your Asus has Core 2 Duo (I believe). In my opinion it should work, as long as you had upgraded to 10.6.3. Besides, there's no garantees on hackintosh! Let me know if it work for you.

R.dh3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R.dh3 said...

that's right,
my chipset is nVidia with Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6570 @2.10Ghz
i've upgrade to 10.6.3,
and sound doesn't work too?! :(

oh yaA, my bootloader is chameleon..
it's there any can change's??

bragging rights said...

I can't really say if gonna work in your case but give it a try and see, that's the only way to find out. for sound (Yours is Realtek) try to use the same one I posted in here. The bootloader doesn't affect the qi/ce performance anyway. Just make sure to backup your files. There's never a Garantee in Hackintosh!

Keep me posted..

Anon2BYHUbaJ said...

You said that you also got vaio's running. im not getting qe/ci on the internal screen working, it stays black and doesn't get detected the right way.
So which model did you try and did you use any special methods?

Help would be great, thanks.

master said...


I tried to follow your guide, but can not figure out how to copy the files extracted from system.rar and library.rar

When I try to copy many files SL stops me and I can not replace all files ....
There is a precise way to do this?

Mr.Chic said...

I have been added it but after booting I'm only hear a sound but can't see anything(black screen)
Nvidia GT 330M and max res is 1680x945.
Plz help me, thank you very much

Daniele said...

how can i copy this:

PrivateFramework ??

i try with:
sudo cp -f but during files replacement system get in kernel panic

BoJaN said...

I have the same problem as Mr.Chic, black screen on boot.

I'm booting with "-v arch=i386 busratio=18 maxmem=4096"

I also tried with -pci1 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes -pci but both have the same result.

I've got a Geforce GT 330m and I'm using AnVAL as the bootloader.

Daniel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel said...

For those with HP DVx laptops, please check out this HP DVx laptop specific site:


Hope it helps you!

Jots.fe said...

hi bragging rights ..
i have a sony vaio. i hope you know that this brand of laptop has an extra problem with enabling the internal lcd when using the nvidia graphic card.. so, if you could tell us the vaio's models that this procedure work and i you had to do extra work , we will be gratefully..
thanks and great job....