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Monday, May 10, 2010

Rebel EFI (Full Version)

First Download and save"Rebel EFI" Bootloader into your computer.

Next step: Burn The .iso with a Burn Disc Image software like Nero, DVD rip and burn, Roxio, Magicdisc, etc..

NOTE: Rebel EFI only supports SATA Optical Drives. The use of an IDE drive may prevent the computer from reading the Rebel EFI CD.

Startup your PC and insert Rebel EFI disc.

Next step: as soon as you PC Boots select "Boots options" in there select "CDROM".

and from there you start the installation of "Snow Leopard OS"

"Rebel EFI"

Remember to Insect the Bootloader CD before loading Snow Leopard OS.

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B.- said...

is this FULL?

andy charp said...

yes it is but he was a dick and didn't include the activation so you still will have to pay