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Friday, February 19, 2010

which processor is the best for my HACKINTOSH?

Which processor should I buy? INTEL or AMD

That's a question that most people ask when they are shopping for a computer. Some people have no knowledge of computer and they end up buying something that they didn't need it. Now, nobody wants to throw away their money buying something that they don't need or something that is going to give them a very hard time. With today's technology computer has become not only faster but easy to use. The battle between AMD vs. Intel intensifies on as processors become inexpensive and better. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) processor runs on a 64nm and 90nm process nodes whereas Intel runs on a smaller 45nm node.

When it comes to building a Hackintosh computer you want to go with the processor with less trouble. AMD is cheaper but that doesn't mean "Quality" and less trouble. When you try to install Snow leopard OS into a PC Computer, you want to use a processor with less trouble. Today you can find a program (also call "Distribution or distro) that allows you to install Mac OS in a PC computer but no every system is complete compatible or trouble free, especially when it came to the main part which is the processor. some of those distros are "iATKOS 5i 10.5.5, iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5, Chameleon-2.0-RC2, etc. and also "Rebel EF" made by Psystar (They went into a big trouble not only with Apple but also with the Hackintosh community for selling Rebel EFI which contain some open source code). I used "Rebel EFI" to install Snow Leopard OS and the whole process went pretty smooth but you have to remember that Rebel EFI doesn't work with AMD Processor. I've installed Snow leopard on some computers that runs on AMD processors and it was so frustrating. I have a much better experiences installing Mac OS on a computer running Intel processor than AMD processor. Is a matter of choice, I guess, But if you ask me I will go with Intel processor. Even running Windows OS I have some many problems running applications on AMD processors, that doesn't mean the Intel doesn't have problems but is less problematic than AMD processor, No wonder INTEL is more expensive.

You can go and read in The hackintosh communities forums and you'll see how frustrating and confusing is for some people to build their own hackintosh computer. Not only because of the lack of hardware support but also because everybody use a different system.

I would never buy a Computer that runs on AMD processor, not even running Windows OS. I just don't see the point of wasting my money on something that won't give me what I want, But again, It's just my opinion.

Building a hackintosh computer can frustrate people since there are not too many places for support. As a reference we most use the hackintosh community for support.

When you install Snow Leopard OS in a computer running Intel processor Most hardware works out the box (Not all of them), some need a kext (driver) to work. So, before start thinking about building a hackintosh computer you MUST do your Homework first.

To me the choice is very clear "Intel processor" are a Better and faster processor but at the end of the day the choice is yours. I would rather save more money and buying a better computer than just something that is going to give me a "Headaches" . You don't have to take my work for it, just try to build it and you'll see for yourself.

Inter processors have the advantage of being completely compatible with Mac OS and with AMD processors you'll need a program the will patch the computer's BIOS in order to run Mac OS. So you don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to notice the differences. But again, is up to you!

Why apple picked Intel over AMD? The reason, industry analysts say, is that apple has a clear goal in mind: innovative designs. And such designs require the lowest-voltage chips.

In m opinion also Because of the processor performance and quality!

spend a few Dollars more and have a better Hackintosh computer.

Again, it's just my opinion and experience!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


Brandon said...

I don't suppose you have a guide to installing SL on the DV7T Quad? I have the same unit but have been completely stonewalled in trying to install used Rebel EFI as well as SnowOSX 3.6. As soon as either starts to boot off cd, the machine immediately reboots. Any guide you might have would be awesome.
Brandon (bscinc@me.com)

Andrew said...

If you truly think so little of AMD why write this. IMO this is sa strawman fallacy that you are useing to express your dislike of AMD, and not the simple fact that Apple use Intel chips so Intel chips require nothing to make compatible with Mac OSX.

That has nothing to do with quality... Fact.