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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kexts for Hackintosh!

Click at the Link below to download the kexts.


1) Use it at your OWN RISK!

2) Backup your system BEFORE INSTALLING NEW KEXT!


-Radeon 7500 Graphics card

-0xED is a native OS X hex editor based on the Cocoa framework. OxED.zip

-ALC883 (audio).zip

-ALCinject (audio).zip

-AppleHDA.kext (audio).zip

-AppleHDA_432.kext (audio).zip

-BootCDMaker_1.5.zip...Burn Bootloader CD with this Software..Version 1.5.0b



-Chameleon_2_RC1+PC_EFI_10.1.zip...Bootloader...Thx,The Chameleon Group.

-Checksum-1.4.zip..An acronym for SUMmation CHECK. In data communications, an error-checking technique in which the number of bits in a unit of data is summed, transmitted along with the data, and checked by the receiving computer.

-DPCIManager.pkg.zip..DPCI Manager. Simple tool to examine PCI devices and assign user readable names to them.



-EFI_Studio.zip... EFI Boot Partition Installer to EFIStudio


-HDAEnabler.kext (audio).zip

-HimmelBar.pkg.zip...HimmelBar provides an icon in the menu bar to quickly access your installed applications



-KextHelperb7.pkg.zip.Drop files on its icon or on the open application.


-KextUtility.v2.3.2.full.Snow.Leo.x64.ready.by.cVad.dmg.zip...Make operations with Kexts easily. Just Run, Drag and Drop, and DONE!


-LegacyAppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext (audio).zip

-LegacyHDAPlatformDriver.kext (audio).zip



-MD5 Checker.zip...MD5 Checker by PCWIZ



-OSvKernDSPLib.kext (audio).zip

-OpenHaltRestart.kext_for_snow_64.tar...OpenHaltRestart (OHR) is a kernel extension that fixes reboot and shutdown on PC-based machines without binary patching or recompiling the kernel.

-SL_PS2_HDA (audio).zip

-Series-of-LegacyHDA-888 (audio).zip

-ShowAllFiles.zip...... shows all files in your Hackintosh


-SlimbuildGUI 1.0 - BOOT 132 ISO Creator .zip...... SlimBuildGUI tools you can create your very own Mac OSX Leopard ISO




-VoodooHDA-0.2.2 (audio).zip

-battery.pkg.zip...If you Battery doesn't show in the Menu Bar just install it and it will Fix.

-cudadriver_2.3.1a_macos.pkg.....Kext for Geforce 9600 Gs NVIDIA





-voodoohda_v021_64bit (audio).zip

-x64_audio_for_ALC888 (audio).zip

I hope this could help you!

Don't forget to say THANK YOU!!!!

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