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Thursday, February 11, 2010

watch-out for Fake Snow Leopard OS web sites!

People eager to get a copy of the latest version of the Mac operating system, Snow Leopard, should be wary of sites offering free copies because they are likely to get some nasty malware instead, according to antivirus company Trend Micro.

Trend Micro said in a blog posting on Wednesday that it had discovered several fake Snow Leopard download sites that serve up a DNS (domain name system) changer Trojan dubbed OSX_JAHLAV.K instead.

You're better off by buying a retail copy of Snow leopard OS (Only $29) instated of downloading something that you have absolutely no idea what it has inside. Thousands of web sites are offering a free Snow leopard OS download but in most cases it comes with "Trojans and Malware".

If you're going to install Mac OS into a PC but aware that not all features and hardware are complete compatible with the operating system. Building a "Hackintosh" is not complicated as it sound but it can be a little stressful sometimes. Specially if you're not a costume to deal with Mac OS. When you compare how much money you will spend by building a Hackintosh computer against buying a original Mac, you're better off, with the hackintosh. for example the Macbook has only 2GB DDR3 memory and for that price you can get a PC with more GHz and Memory. The only challenge of creating your own hackintosh is to find the hardware support necessary but with some research you can find them. So, don't get discourage.

In the Links below you might find some help and support for your "Hackintosh Project".




3rd Party Drivers



One more thing: Some people have the wrong idea that apple computer don't get infect or attack with virus. The truth is that Mac OS doesn't get attack like Windows does but it get is fair share. So, if you can get a good AntiVirus do it. Just remember we have a "Hackintosh" which is still a PC running Mac OS.!!!

ESET released the results of a survey in November related to awareness of cybercrime in the U.S. The survey of more than 1,000 people found that while both PC and Mac users perceive the Mac as being safer, Mac users are victims of cybercrime just as frequently as PC users.
Meanwhile, Mac users are just as vulnerable to Web-based attacks like phishing as PC users are, and Mac users who fall prey to phishing tend to lose more money on average than PC users do, the survey found. "Viruses are a diminishing percentage of what we're seeing," said Randy Adams, director of technical education at ESET. "A lot of attacks have to do with social engineering and that kind of attack is platform agnostic."

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