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Friday, April 16, 2010

universal Boot CD method for any Intel Core i3/i5/i7

universal Boot CD method for any Intel Core i3/i5/i7

MultiBeast Features:

* Bootloaders - Choice of iBoot, Chameleon 2.0 RC4 AsereBLN 1.1.9, RC5pre6, or PC-EFI 10.6
* Graphics Kexts - NVEnabler64.kext, ATY_init.kext, EVEnabler
* DSDTs - All Edited DSDTs from P55 DSDT Database
* Kernels - 10.0.0 Patched kernel, 10.2.0 Patched kernel, 10.2.0 Vanilla kernel
* Kexts - All the standard Snow Leopard kexts.
* Extra - com.apple.boot.plist, smbios.plist, Chameleon Theme
* Network - RealtekR1000SL.kext, Intel82566MM.kext + IONetworkingFamily.kext
* Utilities - Kext Utility & ShowAllFiles
* Repairs Permissions & Rebuilds Kext Caches on /Extra/Extensions and /System/Library/Extensions.
* EasyBeast - all the necessary post-install files auto-checked.

Download MultiBeast

So we know that these new i3/i5/i7s for the most part aren't supported yet by OS X. If you try to install, you'll get an instant reboot.

In order to avoid this, you'll boot using iBoot or whatever Chameleon Boot CD, swap out for the Mac OS X Retail DVD, and press F5, then you type:

busratio= and then your specific CPU's bus/core ratio.

So, for example, the command would be


For a Core i3-540. Simple! But as yet untested on a lot of these.

Below is a list of the bus/core ratio taken from Intel's site for all of their 2010 lineup.

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The iBoot + MultiBeast method is designed and tested for any desktop or laptop running the latest line of Intel processors, the Core i3/i5/i7s. I have had reports of success with older machines as well including CoreDuo, Core2Duo, and even Pentium 4. However, AMD processors are not supported.

Download iBoot for Nvidia and iBoot for ATI


* A computer running an Intel Processor
* A blank CD
* A copy of the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Retail DVD
* To leave any fear of your computer at the door.
* Patience and humility- it may not work out perfectly the first time- but with enough tenacity and grit, you'll reach the promised land. It's easy to get frustrated, but don't give up!

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