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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apple Bluetooth Version 2.3.2f5 (Improved version)

I was recently checking the file inside The MacBook Pro Software Update 1.3 and I noticed that the bluetooth software Version is different than the one I have. The version that I have on Snow Leopard OS 10.6.3 is 2.3.2f4 and the one on the MackBook Pro update is 2.3.2f5.

I decide to do a little experiment and try the new BlueTooth version on one of my Laptops. I'm using a Toshiba Satellite L305 S8558 running Snow Leopard OS 10.6.3.
After unpacking the files, I started to change the files manually one by one. Then I repaired The permission and Reboot.

Here is what I've noticed:

- My BlueTooth work better than before, not only has a better range but is more stable. The "BlueTooth Setup Assistant" didn't show any device using the version 2.3.2f4 (Searching for devices - 0 found), while after installed the version 2.3.2f5 shows not only my devices but my neighbors devices as well. I can even "Browse device" on those that I'm connected, again "Something I wasn't able to do before".

- I can run the "BlueTooth File Exchange" more effective and Transfer file between my Hackintosh and my PC. Something that I couldn't do before the update.

- I can connected my Hackintosh with my iPhone via BlueTooth and transfer files, something that I couldn't do before.

- I can connect my headset free Unit (Motorola H721) with my hackintosh via BlueTooth without a problem. I can Listen to iTunes via Bluetooth with absolutely no problem. Wireless Headset works Great!

(Click on the Image to Enlarge)

- I can load "BlueTooth Diagnostic" utility window and see a report of my BlueTooth configuration. I wasn't able to have this information before.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

- I can load "BlueTooth Explorer" which allow my to check my devices "Performance (Throughput test, RSSI Sweeper, AFH Monitor), Utilities (Show Device Cache, Get Local Info, etc) and devices.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

I made all these changed manually and it worked on my Laptop. If you'd like to try on your system, just download it and replace the files Manually.

The Applications folder Contain:

Applications/Utilities/Bluetooth File Exchange.app

The System/Library/ folder Contain:

CoreServices, Extensions, FrameWorks, PreferencePanes, SystemConfiguration, SystemProfiler.

After replacing the files, just run "Repair Permissions" and Re-Boot.

Download it Here:

Applications Folder

System Folder

Note: If your Bluetooth isn't build-in, it has to be plug in before Re-booting your system.

Also REMEMBER to BACKUP your system BEFORE installing it. Use it at your own RISK!

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Zipforce said...

Very nice, Indeed!

Thanks for the tip.

NewYorker8906 said...

Nice update, Thank you!

Rishi said...

Thanks your blog is awesome.

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